Get to know VTEX's ESG Strategy

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Social Commitment: the core pillar 
of our ESG strategy

As a responsible company, we are strongly focused on generating positive environmental, social and governance impact.

We tackle social impact in many different ways, including: (i) education, (ii) diversity, equity and inclusion, (iii) talent attraction and retention, and (iv) customer experience.

Jordan Jewell
Analyst in Residence 

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“At VTEX, the global enterprise digital commerce platform, we believe in leading by example and driving positive change in the world through ethical and responsible actions. We see ourselves as agents of transformation in the commerce field, working towards a more sustainable society. In our desired future, we declare and are committed to become leaders in diversity within the technology sector, valuing the importance of fostering a culture that embraces multiple perspectives, and creating a safe and respectful environment for all members of our ecosystem. Staying true to our values and principles, we impact society where we are potent: the knowledge of digital commerce. Thus, education is our chosen instrument of social impact.” 

Geraldo Thomaz, founder and co-CEO at VTEX.


Message from our co-CEO






Diversity, Equity and Inclusion




Talent Attraction and Retention

Customer Experience

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Environmental Commitment

Given VTEX's activity as a software provider, and following the SASB methodology (Internet Media & Services guide of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) in the Environmental footprint of hardware infrastructure, we decided to integrate environmental considerations into the strategic planning for data centers. As we believe in a prosperous, environmentally conscious future, we selected AWS as our main provider, offsetting 100% the emissions generated by our servers, which is the most relevant environmental impact that VTEX generates through its operations.

Concerning the environmental impact of VTEX’s workforce, as the company embraces the hybrid working format, which diminishes significantly any other impact as transportation and office related emissions. In our offices, which are 100% outsourced, we follow the sustainability guidelines of the buildings. We use faucets with automatic shut-off, in addition to ecological flushes, lights with energy-saving technology.

It is also important to notice that as we are a technology company, we don’t generate any production waste. In all our offices, we have recyclable bins for employees to separate any waste generated in their day to day, so we ensure to recycle any applicable materials.

For the time being, we are not stipulating any target on low materiality emissions, nevertheless we look forward to continuing advancing on this endeavor.

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Over the past 20 years, we have transformed the Digital Commerce industry by questioning the predictable ways of serving this market and acting with integrity and authenticity in our actions.

VTEX core values are based on the relevancy of ethical and transparent corporate governance guidelines. VTEX’s Board of Directors and management set high-bar principles for all employees, officers and directors, and oversee its proper compliance, assuring an ethical and respectful behavior towards all employees, partners and any interested parties.

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Integrity and Authenticity

Privacy and personal data protection

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